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HBSC Belgium-FWB Report Launch

The Belgium-FWB has recently published reports presenting the results of the HBSC 2010 survey of the French-speaking community of Belgium. These two reports, one on the pupils in grades five and six in primary schools and one on secondary school pupils, focus on health and health behaviours (subjective health, well-being, eating behaviours, physical activity, body image etc.). Additionally, the secondary school report examines risk behaviours (sexual health, tobacco, alcohol and drug use, and multimedia). 

The key findings of the reports relate to health outcomes, eating behaviours and risk behaviours. 

Despite the majority of children and adolescents rating their health as excellent or good, reported somatic health complaints (stomach-aches, headaches and backaches) have increased and the proportion of young people who feel tired before going to school is the highest observed since the first survey in 1988.

Concerning eating behaviours, the results are positive showing that daily fruit and vegetable intake has increased. This places the young people of the Federation of Wallonia-Brussels among the highest consumers of fruit and vegetable at an international level.  In terms of risk behaviours, the reports show that both reported alcohol and tobacco use have decreased among French-speaking Belgian adolescents.

The reports were produced by SIPES, an organisation dedicated to informing Health Promotion policies in the Federation of Wallonia-Brussels. SIPES collects and analyses data on health, health behaviours and health determinants and disseminates the results to public health officials and key policy makers.

Initially, the HBSC 2010 reports will be sent to the policy makers, health professionals, education specialists, field workers, parents’ associations and schools that participated to the survey. They will also be freely downloadable from the SIPES website. In a second phase, the results will be presented in local and international conferences and specific analysis will be run on demand.

Please follow this link to read the reports in full.

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