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HBSC Supports Paediatricians to Increase Their Knowledge of Physical Activity Trends and Challenges

HBSC is supporting the Excellence in Paediatrics (EiP) Institute, a not-for-profit organisation that unites paediatricians around the world, in its latest initiative, known as the PEARL Project. The aim of this project is to help promote physical activity, healthy eating habits and energy balance among children and families worldwide. 

In addition to HBSC, PEARL is supported by many of the key stakeholders in the fields of energy balance and physical activity, including: the International School Health Network (ISHN), American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the EPODE International Network, and the International Association of Physical Education and Sports for Girls and Women (IAPESGW).

The growing obesity epidemic currently witnessed by numerous countries and communities around the world is a startling consequence of many complex factors including poor diets and a lack of physical activity. The PEARL Project’s long-term aim is to address this problem by providing free-to-view eLearnings for healthcare professionals. The first 3 eLearnings, delivered in English with Italian, Spanish, Russian or Turkish subtitles, can be viewed here.  Additionally, PEARL will hold annual Summits to compel global experts, national delegations and decision-makers to take action and effect change at the national level. These will be informed by cutting edge evidence and expertise such as that provided by the HBSC study and its network members.

The objective of  PEARL’s 2013 Summit (6th December) taking place in Doha, Qatar during EiP’s Annual Conference (4th-7th December), is the promotion of physical activity among children and adolescents with a focus on the critical need to bring together pediatricians and physical activity experts and advocates. Alongside the Summit, EiP are also accepting abstracts on physical activity for their main annual conference, giving the 50 best abstract submitters the chance to win a free place at the EiP Conference in Qatar this December. Further details on can be found here.

Ultimately, PEARL aims to educate at least 5,000 healthcare professionals per year via free-to-view eLearnings that provide direct advice on topics ranging from media use and obesity trends, to promoting physical activity and energy balance. Please take some time to view the eLearnings and share them with colleagues and professional networks. Currently, PEARL is also running a global needs survey in collaboration with healthcare professionals to promote physical activity. Both the survey and network link can be accessed via the PEARL website.

Physical activity is key to fighting the obesity epidemic and by uniting with paediatricians the PEARL project will educate the educators and improve children’s health globally. To find out more please contact: russell.hale@2eic.com 

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contact: Mr Joe Hancock

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