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HBSC’s 2009/2010 International Report Highly Commended by British Medical Association

The International Report from HBSC’s 2009/2010 survey, 'Social determinants of health and well-being among young people', has been Highly Commended by the British Medical Association (BMA) and was nominated for an award in the Health and Social Care category at the BMA’s 2013 Medical Book awards in London.

These awards, distributed annually, are intended to encourage and reward excellence in medical publishing. Prizes are awarded in 21 categories, with an overall BMA Medical Book of the Year selected from among the category winners. The award ceremony was attended by Professor Candace Currie (OBE) from the University of St Andrews, HBSC’s International Coordinator, as well as Vivian Barnekow, Programme Manager for Child and Adolescent Health at WHO, Regional Office for Europe.

Over 600 books were entered into the BMA awards this year, with reviewers asked to consider accuracy, relevance, originality, book production quality and whether each title meets the needs of its audience. HBSC’s 2009/2010 International Report, the 6th in the WHO Regional Office for Europe's Health Policy for Children and Adolescents series, was specially selected by reviewers for praise, with the publication being awarded the title of Highly Commended within its category.

Reviewer comments included:

  • "This is an exceptionally well presented research report with findings of considerable interest to researchers, policy makers and practitioners. It is easy to find and understand information within it. It is a resource that I expect to use regularly"
  • "I really like this report. It is well designed, well-written, accessible and informative. Reports of this sort are often densely written and turgid but this is quite the opposite."
  • "I would highly recommend this report to anyone working in research or policy formation on health inequalities in young people. For those of us who are interested in social determinants of ill-health in general (not just in the young) it is of significant interest. It is of interest to public health professionals and to health and social care practitioners working with adolescents."

Visit the BMA Medical Book award website for more information about the awards.

HBSC’s 2009/2010 International Report, published by WHO Regional Office for Europe in 2012, can be found here.

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