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HBSC England: Chief Medical Officer report - focus on child and adolescent health

This report sets out the Chief Medical Officer’s response to challenges to the health and wellbeing of our children and young people. It draws on the expertise of a broad range of experts, academics, clinicians and service providers – including HBSC England’s Co-Principal Investigator Fiona Brooks – as they set out the evidence about the challenges faced by policy makers, researchers and front-line professionals such as teachers and clinicians. Crucially, this report also draws on evidence from children and young people themselves as well as those who care for them.

Alongside the scientific evidence, this report also examines the economic benefits and financial savings from improved health in children and young people. It also identifies that improving health and wellbeing in early life benefits us all – not just through improved health gains but also economically.

Speaking in the report's foreword Prof Dame Sally C Davies says “We need to stop thinking of spending on healthcare for children and young people and instead think of investing in the health of children and young people as a route to improving the economic health of our nation. We need to understand that health plays a powerful role in allowing children and young.”

“The challenge for us as a society is how to harness this evidence and momentum and turn it into improved outcomes for our current and future generations of children and young people. This is not just a moral responsibility but also an economic imperative. For failure to invest in health leads to poorer educational attainment and affects the nation’s future productivity.”

"Reducing disease is fundamental but so too is ensuring that our young people are capable of meeting the changing requirements of life. We need to ensure that they are resilient and primed to succeed."

Chapter 7, authored by Professor Fiona Brooks, focuses on school-aged children and draws on HBSC data and other evidence to highlight the importance of the promotion of resilience, and the role of the child's environments community, schools and home in determining health and wellbeing.

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