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HBSC members at International summit on adolescent Physical Activity (Doha, Qatar)

Dr Franco Cavallo (HBSC Italy), Dr Jens Bucksch, and Dr Jo Inchley (HBSC Scotland) recently returned from Doha, Qatar, where they were invited to attend Excellence in PeadiatricsActive Health Living Summit. The focus of this event was the promotion of physical activity among young people, with the aim of bringing together paediatricians, policy-makers, advocates, and experts in physical activity, sedentary behaviour, eating and obesity. 

This event welcomed leading child healthcare experts from around the world with talks from over 90 top academics and key opinion leaders, stakeholder summits and interactive workshops. The full programme of events can be found here.

HBSC members in attendance joined multi-stakeholder teams from the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Middle East. These teams were tasked with devising and implementing national roadmaps to facilitate best practice sharing to tackle the prevalence of obesity internationally by promoting physical activity.

As part of their PEARL initiative, the EiP have also developed a series of e-Learnings on physical activity and obesity in young people targeted at child healthcare professionals. Among the topics discussed are motivational ideas to encourage healthy eating in adolescents and the impact of media use on paediatric fitness. These are free to view and highly recommended!

For more information on the Active Healthy Living Summit or EiP's PEARL initiative, please contact Russell Hale.

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contact: Mr Joe Hancock

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