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HBSC Launches Online Consultation: measuring youth well-being

The HBSC network is conducting an online consultation on youth well-being, in partnership with The OECD's Wikiprogress, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the International Youth Foundation, Restless Development, and Youth Policy.

The aim of this consultation will be to gather ideas from as wide a group of people as possible about improving how governments and other social actors promote well-being outcomes for young people. We intend for the findings of the consultation to be presented at the OECD Forum in Paris in June, and for a report of the consultation to be made widely available for policy makers, foundations, civil society groups and our wider network of researchers and partner organisations.

The consultation will be moderated, exploring a number of different aspects of youth well-being in detail over its 6 weeks. In particular, we want to address the following key questions:

  • What are the main drivers of well-being for young people?
  • How do the needs of the under-25s differ from the general population in key well-being policy areas (e.g. employment, health, housing, etc.)?
  • What actions and policies work best for improving young people’s lives?
  • How can young people’s voices have a greater impact in the policy process?

The consultation is open to all with an interest in these questions, including young people themselves. To register and take part in this consultation, please sign up here. For more background information about the consultation, check out this blog post.

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contact: Mr Joe Hancock

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