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HBSC Switzerland: Substance use among pupils in Switzerland in 2014 and trends since 1986

The aim of this study and report was to investigate trends in substance use among pupils in Switzerland, going back to 1986. The 2014 survey asked 9894 students aged 11 to 15 from 630 schools across Switzerland to report their use of alcohol, cigarettes and cannabis, in order to measure these findings against previous years.

Results showed that the use of all substances increased with age in both boys and girls, and that alcohol was the substance that the highest percentage of teenagers across all ages and sexes were likely to have tried at least once. Cigarettes were the second most common substance used, and the study found that 6.6% of boys and 6.4% of girls aged 15 years old smoked on a daily basis.

The consumption of alcohol and use of cigarettes at least once a week increased on a similar level across all age ranges. The connection between alcohol and cigarette use is explained by the fact that trying one of these substances made teenagers more likely to try the other. Use of both substances increased from the survey’s introduction in 1984 – 2002, and showed a reduction from 2010 -14. While cannabis use 30 days before the study has remained at a similar level since it was introduced into the investigation in 2006.

Substance use is still widespread and researchers recommend that bans on selling alcohol and cigarettes to minors should be adhered to a greater degree. Additionally, teenagers reported getting access to these substances through a known person such as family and friends, therefore researchers call for more to be done to teach people not to give these substances to teenagers.

The full report is written in Swiss German but an English summary has also been made available.

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