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HBSC international report: Growing up unequal: gender and socioeconomic differences in young people's health and well-being published

The new HBSC report 'Growing up unequal: gender and socioeconomic differences in young people's health and well-being' provides data from 42 countries in Europe and North America. Results are analysed and presented by the HBSC network of 340 in-country researchers, supported and coordinated by the International Coordinating Centre at the University of St Andrews in Scotland and the Data Management Centre at the University of Bergen in Norway.

Growing up unequal, a flagship WHO Europe publication, presents findings from the 2013/14 HBSC survey on the demographic and social influences on the health of almost 220,000 young people.

The cross-national survey covers diverse aspects of adolescent health and social behaviour, including self-assessment of mental health; obesity and body image; dietary habits; engagement in physical activity; support from families and peers; tobacco, alcohol and cannabis use; and bullying.

This report has a special focus on the effects of gender and socioeconomic differences on the way that young people grow and develop. Responding to the survey, young people described their social context (relations with family, peers and school), health outcomes (subjective health, injuries, obesity and mental health), health behaviour (patterns of eating, tooth brushing and physical activity) and risk behaviours (use of tobacco, alcohol and cannabis, sexual behaviour, fighting and bullying). For the first time, the HBSC report also includes items on family and peer support, migration, cyberbullying and serious injuries.

Data presented in this report can be accessed at the WHO European Health Information Gateway and via the WHO European health statistics application for iOS and Android devices.

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[15-03-2016 to 30-04-2017]


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