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Call for papers: IJPH Special Issue on Adolescent Transitions

The International Journal of Public Health (IJPH) invites original articles and systematic reviews relevant to the topic of adolescent traditions. The call for papers will be open between January 15th and April 15th 2018.

Adolescence is a critical period in human development characterised by radical change, both socially and physically. Behaviours established during adolescence can continue into adulthood, affecting issues such as mental health, the development of health complaints, alcohol and tobacco use, physical activity levels and diet. Additionally, during adolescence, young people start to face many new pressures and challenges, including growing academic expectations, changing social relationships with family and peers, taking first steps into the labour market, transitioning between healthcare systems, possible geographical relocation and the physical and emotional changes associated with maturation. Considering the rapidity and extent of the changes during this critical stage of development, it is imperative to understand the impact on adolescents and how policies and programmes can best support healthy transitions.

This IJPH special issue will be edited by Andrea Geckova (HBSC Slovakia), Jana Holubcikova (HBSC Slovakia), Fiona Brooks (HBSC England), Margreet de Looze (HBSC Netherlands) and Thierry Gagne.

Submissions which address the following areas are of particular interest:

  • Changes from pre-puberty through adolescence (and young adulthood) for different health behaviours and outcomes.

  • How social transitions (e.g. changing family and peer relationships; school transitions; school to work life or further education) impact on health-related outcomes.

  • The developmental trajectories of particular sub-groups/minority populations (e.g. socio-economically disadvantaged, ethnic minorities, migrant groups, children with a disability or chronic condition).

  • Cohort effects in adolescent health.

  • Health care transitions.

  • Interventions to improve health trajectories during the adolescent years.

Instructions for authors and information about the double-blind peer review process can be found on the IJPH website. For questions, please contact the IJPH editorial office: anke.berger@ispm.unibe.ch

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