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Teen Health Week - 18th to 24th of March 2018

The HBSC study is taking part in Teen Health Week, from Sunday 18th to Saturday 24th of March 2018. Teen Health Week is a global health campaign that seeks to:

  • Increase recognition of the unique health issues facing young people worldwide;

  • Increase engagement of young people in their own health decisions; and

  • Stimulate events worldwide that highlight issues facing young people and ways to address them.

The campaign and its activities bring young people across the world together to raise awareness of how adolescents are affected by health issues. Throughout the week, the HBSC study will use social media to help educate the public, physicians and policy makers on the importance of teen health and generally increasing awareness about the campaign. Many HBSC teams are also hosting events and activities to help young people take charge of their health.

The following themes will be highlighted as part of the Teen Health Week campaign:

  • Sunday, March 18th: Violence Prevention

  • Monday, March 19: Preventive Care and Vaccines

  • Tuesday, March 20: Healthy diet and exercise

  • Wednesday, March 21: Mental Health

  • Thursday, March 22: Sexual Development and Health

  • Friday, March 23: Substance Use and Abuse

  • Saturday, March 24: Oral Health

Through its work, the HBSC study has demonstrated unequivocally the importance of the teenage years to the health and well-being potential of girls, boys, women and men. Our work explains how social determinants and health behaviours in childhood and adolescence lead to ongoing physical and mental health problems in adulthood. and, more importantly, points to interventions that support the development of positive health behaviours and well-being in children and young people that can become lifelong. To learn more download:

Despite considerable advances over the decades in improving the health and well-being of young people and recent actions to reduce the health inequalities many of them face, a great deal more still needs to be done. Continued progress will require whole-of-government and whole-of society approaches that reach far into the fabric of communities and societies to change entrenched attitudes and behaviours.

Teen Health Week serves as a call to action to everyone involved in protecting and promoting the health and well-being of children and young people. The campaign invites children and young people to tell it like it is and highlight the issues that are important to them. To find out more about Teen Health Week, visit www.collegeofphysicians.org/thw or join the discussion through #2018teenhealth.

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