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11th Excellence in Pediatrics conference - Copenhagen 2019

Each year, leading pediatric specialists from around the world gather for the Excellence in Pediatrics conference, which focuses on the latest trends and challenges in child and adolescent health. 

This year, its 11th, the conference was held in Copenhagen from 5-7th December and was organised in collaboration with the Health Behaviour in School-aged Children study and the WHO Collaborating Centre for International Child and Adolescent Health Policy.

Dr Joanna Inchley, HBSC's International Coordinator, was one of the conference Chairs, delivered a presentation on 'Social media use and adolescent health' and also moderated sessions on adolescent sleep, mental health and risk behaviours.

The conference involved more than 125 scientific sessions across 7 parallel tracks (each focusing on a paediatric sub-speciality) in an inspiring mix of interactive formats, seminars and workshops from internationally renowned speakers. The programme included an adolescent medicine track which featured work from a number of HBSC members, including:

  • Energy Drinks Use And Relationship With Health Complaints Among Serbian Adolescents - Jelena Gudelj Rakic (Serbia)

  • Learning from Success: The Implementation and Evaluation of a National Strategy to Reduce Alcohol Problem Drinking among Israeli Youth: A Nine-Year Follow-Up 2010–2019 - Yossi Harel-Fisch (Israel)

  • Sexual Behaviour in Adolescence, Far Beyond the Individual Choice: The Role Of Family, Peer and School Connection - Alberto Borraccino (Italy) 

  • The Impact of Chronic Single-site and Multi-site pain on Adolescent Self-rated Health among Adolescents in 42 Countries and Regions - Inese Gobina (Latvia)

  • The Moderation Role of Family Support on the Relationship Between Electronic Media Use and Peer Support - Meyran Boniel-Nissim (Israel)

  • The Positive Effect of Organised Leisure Time Activities Involvement for the Wellbeing of the Young Adolescents - Alberto Borraccino (Italy)

  • Time Trends in Bullying Victimization across Countries in Europe and North America and the Evolving Role of Cyber-victimization - Alina Cosma (Netherlands)

  • Beyond the Norm—Bullying Victimization and Adolescents Weight Status and Body Image - Anna Dzielska (Poland)

  • Do Adolescents Suffer from Health Complaints Due to Problematic Social Media Use? - Dorota Kleszczewska (Poland)

  • Emotional problems and wellbeing in early adolescence - Torbjorn Torsheim (Norway)

  • The decrease in alcohol use in adolescents: Individual or Contextual causes? - Alessio Vieno (Italy)

  • Is electronic media use a dangerous pastime? Examining the myth of the relationship between electronic media and youth violence - Sophie Walsh (Israel)

  • Electronic Screen Technology Use And Connection To Nature In Canadian adolescents: a mixed-methods study - Will Pickett (Canada)

  • Immigration Status and Bullying Victimization: Associations across National and School Contexts - Gonneke Stevens (Netherlands)

  • Comparative Aspects Of Vitamin D Deficiency In Children With Celiacia And Chronic Enterocolitis - Dilorom Akhmedova (Uzbekistan)

All accepted contributions for the 11th Excellence in Pediatrics Conference are available to download and cite in the abstract book, published by Cogent Medicine and available for free online.

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