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13th Excellence in Pediatrics conference - 2-4 December 2021

Each year, leading international pediatric specialists gather for the Excellence in Pediatrics conference, which focuses on the latest trends and challenges in child and adolescent health. 

This year, its 13th, the conference is being held online from 2nd-4th December and was organised in collaboration with the Health Behaviour in School-aged Children study. Dr Jo Inchley, HBSC's International Coordinator, was one of the conference co-chairs, moderated several sessions on adolescent health and well-being and took part in the Opening Plenary.

The programme includes an adolescent medicine track (Thursday 2nd December) that features a number of HBSC members and key speakers, including:

Adolescents Nutrition and Diets - Moderated by Dorothy Currie

  • Katia Castetbon (Epidemiologist in Nutrition School of Public Health, Ecole de Sante Publique, Belgium) "Nutrition-related behaviours in adolescents and their determinants."

  • Julianne Williams (Technical Officer at WHO European Office for the Prevention and Control of NCDs, World Health Organisation) "Linking nutrition to the adolescent health agenda."

  • Oddrun Samdal (Professor, Dept of Health Promotion and Development University of Bergen, Norway) "Co-Create: Involvement of young people in the creation of policies to prevent adolescent overweight."

Adolescents Mental Health - Moderated by Jo Inchley

  • Antony Morgan (Dean & Professor in Public Health GCU London, United Kingdom) "Maintaining young people's mental health during the pandemic and beyond."

  • Joanna Lai (Health Specialist, Health Section UNICEF Headquarters, USA) "On My Mind: Promoting, protecting and caring for adolescent's mental health."

  • Ann John (Clinical Professor of Public Health and Psychiatry Swansea University, United Kingdom) "COVID-19, self-harm and suicidal behaviours in children and young people."

Adolescents Risk Behaviours - Moderated by Jo Inchley

  • Sophie Walsh (Clinical Psychologist, Professor Dept of Criminology Bar Ilan University, Israel) "What really puts Adolescents at Risk Today?"

  • Anna Pearce (Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow University of Glasgow, United Kingdom) "Can mental health competence buffer against the impacts of social disadvantage on adolescent health and health behaviours?"

  • John Holmes (Professor of Alcohol Policy ScHARR, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom) "Trends in young people's alcohol consumption and other health-related behaviours."

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