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Publications: HBSC/WHO Forum

Collaboration with the study's primary partner, the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe, creates opportunities for, and facilitates, the wide dissemination and utilisation of HBSC research findings. One of the main outputs for this collaboration is the WHO/HBSC Forum.

First launched in 2006 the WHO/HBSC Forum aims to maximize the use of HBSC data across WHO Europe member countries. Meetings use HBSC data to promote discussion among international partners and facilitate the translation of research findings into effective policy-making and practice.

There have been three meetings to date:

  • Socio-environmentally determined health inequities among children and adolescents (2009) [Report]
  • Social cohesion for mental well-being adolescents(2007) [Report]
  • Addressing the socio-economic determinants of healthy eating habits and physical activity levels among adolescents (2006) [Report]

Meetings culminate in the development of a synthesis report and policy statement, capacity-building materials and the integration of outcomes into ongoing support to Member States by WHO and partners.

Forum meetings usually coincide with regular WHO ministerial conferences on particular themed areas to ensure that the findings can have the biggest effect during the policy-making cycle. Reports fed into the following Ministerial conferences respectively:

  • WHO European Ministerial Conference on Counteracting Obesity
  • WHO European Ministerial Conference on Mental Health
  • Fifth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health, which established the Parma Declaration